▷80TB hard drives, closer and closer, according to Seagate 【【2022 】】◁

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Seagate has been working on HAMR technology for 20 years, but it wasn’t until the end of last year that they managed to develop their first hard drive with a capacity of 20TB. To do this, they used a number of self-developed materials and hard drives, but now, with the collaboration with Showa Denko, they want to accelerate the development of this technology even further and bring hard drives up to 80 TB in the chronological axis much closer.

Seagate and its HARM 80TB drives, how are they going to do that?

Showa Denko is one of the world’s largest raw material suppliers and has also been investing in HAMR technology with a huge R&D budget for over 10 years. In February of last year they successfully completed the first glass plates for HAMR hard drives and are already producing them in series; claim that this can achieve 6TB per square inch of storage density in the future, and that keeping the standard form factor of 3.5 “means that with 8-9 dishes we can achieve capacities of 70-80TB on the records of the future.

Discs Showa Denko 80 p

Under this new collaboration agreement, Seagate Showa will test and evaluate Denko drives with HAMR technology and, if they confirm they are working properly and are compatible with their own platforms, propose to buy the company to incorporate their technology in the future own hard drives. Keep in mind that Seagate will continue to work on HAMR hard drives up to 80TB in capacity, and this connection would serve exactly to accelerate the arrival of these densities.

Showa Denko is the largest independent manufacturer in the hard drive industry. Its products mainly use vertical PMR recording and SMR recording technologies. Toshiba also supplies MAMR (Microwave Assisted Recording) discs and if they can work with Seagate now they will of course strengthen their presence in the storage market. ChipNet iBOX Plus OSX - Lector de DNI para MAC y tarjetas inteligentes, color blanco

The future of hard drives in the hands of HAMR technology?

We have long spoken that durability in the mechanical hard drive market is being called into question due to the tremendous evolution of NAND flash storage technology, which translates into SSDs with increased capacity, more resilience, and better performance. The strength of mechanical hard drives is undoubtedly their value for money, and that is what makes them the top manufacturers in the industry like Seagate, WD and Toshiba.

Sale of hard drives

That is why they continue to insist on developing better technologies that will allow them to increase the density, and therefore capacity, of hard drives (remember that we are talking about 80TB drives today, but this has long been postulated for hard drives ) 100TB or more), and of these HAMR technologies seems to be the most promising of all, firstly because of the huge increase in density associated with it, secondly because the technology is already a reality, and thirdly because it will enable them to do the 3.5 inch form factor.

We cannot rule out that we will have to do without the current 3.5-inch form factor in the future if we want hard drives over 80 or 100 TB capacity, and that would not be the end of the world in the PC computer industry, especially in business and data center environments , it could be a little traumatic.


▷80TB hard drives, closer and closer, according to Seagate 【【2022 】】◁

Seagate has been working on HAMR technology for 20 years, but it wasn’t until the end of last year that they managed to develop their first hard drive with a



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▷80TB hard drives, closer and closer, according to Seagate 【【2022 】】◁


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