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Amazon has more than 5,000 AmazonBasics products in his shop. This line of products was Introduced in 2009 with the aim of identifying the best selling items in the store in order to produce similar or higher quality products at a lower price. These products, which come from Amazon itself, are more attractive to the users and are therefore better positioned in the store.

1,500 reviews on more than 70 products warn of the dangers

However, since 2016 there have been more than 1,500 reviews on more than 70 products, claim that these products have presented serious security problems, explode, catch fire, smoke, melt, have electrical interference or endanger human life. This number isn’t very high, and these errors usually appear with other products sold by third-party Amazon sellers because they are misused by users, deteriorate over time, or are simply defective.

In those 1,500 reviews, some consumers used terms such as “hazard” and “fire” and said the product should be recalled. 11 of the 70+ products have been recalled, but 30 of them, of which three or more reviews identified as dangerous, are still for sale. In some cases, the reviews have been removed, and in others, Amazon claims the reviews were safe when verified and met its standards.

These products include a USB car charger that started smoking immediately when plugged in, a portable charger that burned its hands and legs, a paper shredder that ignited, or a microwave that caught fire when heating macaroni. There are 150+ reviews on this microwave that say it has serious safety issues.

Amazon Basics burned products

CNN received two burned devices: a USB cable and a microwave. Although the USB cable was too burned to determine what the fault could have been (probably poor cable shielding), in the microwave they found that the inner part cover was poorly designed and that over time it could be Accumulate fat or food behind it and eventually burn it.

Amazon thoroughly checks the quality of its products

Amazon claims that security is a priority with its products and that there are already more than a million reviews of AmazonBasic products. In addition, they state that they only contacted consumers less than five times to return products to Amazon. Former employees of the company say they are alerted the moment the word fire or danger is mentioned. Caldo de papas en Thermomix

Products that Amazon recalled include an external USB battery in 2018 after 53 reviews got it overheated, and a heater that overheated and could even burn and spark after 23 negative reviews. With a power strip with USB and power connections, a user saw a fire ignite in front of his eyes and was able to put it out. Amazon offered him a refund, but he wanted them to cover the damage to his home. Amazon resold this product two years later, where more than 40 users reported a fire hazard. Ultimately, Amazon took it off sale.

Although Amazon rates the quality of these products, almost half of them are made in China. Sometimes Amazon contacts a manufacturer who meets its quality standards, and sometimes Amazon asks the same manufacturer to put their name AmazonBasics on a product that that manufacturer can even hire a third party to manufacture.

Amazon is constantly testing samples of its products to ensure that quality standards are still being met, so these cases are very rare. So, before buying, always analyze users’ opinions to make sure there are no mistakes. In addition, in almost all cases they tend to recall a product as soon as a second opinion about fire or similar hazards is available. However, the microwave is still for sale after dozens of opinions reported the fires, including one from the same September 7th in the United States.

▷70 AmazonBasics Products Are Dangerous - Complete List 【【2022 】】◁

In short, we leave you with the full list of devices that have been classified as dangerous based on 3 or more negative reviews indicating safety issues:



Overvoltage protection

USB cables and accessories

Office equipment and electronics

Kitchen appliances


▷70 AmazonBasics Products Are Dangerous - Complete List 【【2022 】】◁

Amazon has more than 5,000 AmazonBasics products in his shop. This line of products was Introduced in 2009 with the aim of identifying the best selling items



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▷70 AmazonBasics Products Are Dangerous - Complete List 【【2022 】】◁

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